31 March 2007

You guys crack me up. You look so cranky. What's the story there?

28 March 2007

...working on the MadChatter...

...and I thought you might just enjoy seeing the last page of the latest edition. It's sort of a "year in review" and "looking ahead" kind of thing. Click on the image to see a bigger one, and look for the latest edition in your mailboxes after Spring Break!

24 March 2007

I finally finished my travel journal!

(you don't get to read the top secret "journalling" part, but I'll share pictures! :) )

23 March 2007

Thanks for great a great performance on Friday!

Hi all!
Thanks for a great performance last Friday! the photos can be found here: http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?&collid=11802879805.933395068405.1174662194667&page=1 for all of those who are interested.
Unfortunately, my pictures did not come out great...(Joan took the digi photos, and I'm waiting to see what Adam did with the 35mm)...so if you've got wonderful photos of this performance, please upload them to the album at kodakgallery (link is above).
I've put the link to the Google Group that Reed set up for us (thanks!) in the link list on the right, so you can check that out. We also have the complete MadCAP calendar that is updated regularly listed on the right (under {discover}). If you have questions about things, please check that calendar, because ALL performances are listed there.
Thank you, again, for all of your input last night at the meeting/rehearsal. I know those things can be exhausting, but as I mentioned I really DO value your opinions and what you have to offer. For example, I had no idea Thursday performances were so hard on all of you (homework, etc) or that you were interested in offering school shows! These are all things I can work on when finalizing next year's calendar!
Speaking of, next year's calendar should be available by the end of June (I pushed the deadline up for those of you who are hoping to know things earlier) and I will get it to you ASAP.
Get your pre-registrations in for next year, because we are limiting the number of spaces available to 22 (there are 19 of you this year) and I want to be sure you all get your lessons when you want them and have spaces in the group. Also, there are some fun summer things planned for people who have registered this spring! :)

14 March 2007

...a project

...So I'm working on the beginning of a scrapbook about our Disney trip, and I need your help. I am bringing in some pages that are mostly blank, and I'm hoping you'll all take a moment before or after your lesson/rehearsal to write a note about a favorite thing you did/memory of the trip/silly thing that happened or was said. The scrapbook will end up living at MadCAP for all to enjoy, but I'll post high resolution images of each page on the blog so you can print them out for your own copy of the book! Here's a start...

09 March 2007

More new photos!

My 35mm photos are ready, and order ready if anyone would like copies. Here are the links:
...and yes, they are on Snapfish, and they are five albums. I'm sorry...it's unfortunately the only online server I've found that will develop 35mm film! And as you know, I am old. I use old technology. Maybe some day I'll catch up. :)

You should all be able to upload your digital photos to our online Snapfish album...I will make a KodakGallery album under our MadCAP account as well (popular demand).

Also, I wanted to say thanks again for TINKERBELL! I love it! This morning I read all of the notes inside and decided it was one of my greatest treasures EVER. Thank you all; you are amazing.

08 March 2007

We're back!

Hooray for a wonderful tour! I did have some trouble getting wired for blog updates while we were gone...I'm sorry I missed our updates, but hope parents got regular reports (I did my best to remind kiddos to call home!)
Thanks to all of our touring performers who travelled with us; you are WONDERFUL and we missed our Madison connection. I would travel with you all anywhere...and I LOVED spending so much time with all of you.
Here are some highlights from our trip...
Here's a link to my online photo album: http://www2.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=154980310/a=37645718_37645718/t_=37645718 I'll be adding more as I get more...e-mail me your photos if you'd like me to add them to this album. Also, when my 35mm film gets developed, I'll link those albums as well.
We're looking at having a SCRAPBOOK PARTY at Archiver's on March 31. It's a $15 fee, but they will clean up the recycling, feed us dinner, and supply us with M&M's and soda. We also get to use all of the fun paper tools they have there, so if you've never done paper crafting before this is a great place to try it for the first time. Check it out: http://www.archiversonline.com/myarchivers/madison.asp