18 June 2008

Gearing up for Disney and enjoying the Summer.

Greetings all!
Summer is now in full swing here at the MadCAP studios, and the month of August is looking good for a summer "After Dark" (so start picking that music!) and some advanced planning for the Disney tour next year. Additionally, the Board of Directors has asked for any volunteers willing to perform at a Fundraising Kickoff Event and then Gala Grand Opening. If you've got any ideas or suggestions, please let me know what you're thinking.
We've got lots happening this summer, and I'm still looking for some interns in July and August. if you are interested, please send me your availability and I'll e-mail you an assignment.
Also, just a quick reminder to all of you--enrollment is limited in Senior Ensemble for next year, so please get your paperwork in ASAP when we open enrollment. I'd hate to have the group fill before you sign up!
Check out this little video tour of DMMD to see what it's all about if you've never been: http://disneyyouthgroups.disney.go.com/wdyp/programs/programOverview?page=MMDProgramOverviewPage

16 June 2008

'In the Heights' - 2008 Tony Awards - Best Original Score

What an acceptance speech-happy to see the nod to Sondheim!

In The Heights circa 1988

That's right. It' s my new favorite composer on Broadway today....Lin Manuel Miranda. OF course, I have several favorites and will continue to have several. BTW, when you see his acceptance speech, note the nod to Sondheim.

08 June 2008

In the Heights the Musical

This is my pick for the Tony Awards next week. It has been nominated for 13 awards, and I'm always anxious to see just what will win. Who's having a Tony party? Steve and I always play it a little low key and have a bottle of champagne and some great hors d'oeuvres followed by some delicious chocolate. I'm hoping to see "In the Heights" win best musical, I'd love to see it win for choreography, and Lin-Manuel Miranda has to win for best score and/or outstanding actor...I guess it's all a waiting game!