05 March 2010

Disney Magic Music Days 2010-2011!

The time is upon us...we must start planning and preparing our application materials for our Disney Magic Music Days tour in 2011.

SO....to that end, we had some discussion at the end of last night's rehearsal and came to the following conclusions:

1.  We loved the IllumiNations dessert buffet and would like to do that again, but this time WITHOUT any of the additional stuff (like a dinner before).  We want to spend the time with our group before the fireworks enjoying desserts and not be rushed.

2.  Kira loves Survey Monkey surveys and would like us tot take lots of them for decision making purposes.

3.  We would like to travel in early to mid-March.  (Please, all of you, check your schedules with various activities...school plays/school musicals/show choir/etc)

4.  The Poolside Pizza party following the performance was a huge success and we want to do that again.  It is also a relatively inexpensive and fun thing to do.

5.  There is a workshop available to us now on Musical Theatre--we would like to learn more about it before committing to the full (high) price of this workshop.

6.  We will tape "Keep Holding On" for our formal performance piece and plan to do that March 18 or 25 in full costume.  The other piece we'll send will be a cutting of "Accusations" from "Intervention"

7.  We would like to stay five days this time (instead of four) and will plan ahead with school accordingly.

8.  The Disney Google Group is in the early stages of being ready for you to join.   Click here to subscribe.

9.  No final estimates will be available until September 2010 at the earliest...because the companies we use don't have rates set this far out.

10.  A rockin' fundraising idea for you to organize: MadCAMP days for younger kiddos!  A day where parents can drop off their kids at MadCAP to be supervised and entertained (by you, not me).  You guys are planning to set the dates for that and organize the staffing, etc.  I'll just be here to hold down the fort.

I cannot wait!  It is going to be a great adventure.