22 May 2007


Who's getting excited?
(logo photo and layout inspired by Zon)

21 May 2007

19 May 2007

Special thanks...

...to all of you!

Last night's performances at "One Night Only" were truly incredible. The beautiful flowers you gave me are sitting in my kitchen looking more lovely than ever, and I wanted to share them with all of you...so there you are!

Looking forward to seeing you at the floating supper!

17 May 2007

These things make me happy...

Pansies really are friendly flowers. Don't they look like the might even be smiling?
Can't wait for the summer rehearsals and days when we'll have picnic lunches on the Capitol lawn every day!

14 May 2007

Shows I've seen lately...

...Miss Anna as the incomparable Lena Marelli & Sara as a MARVELOUS Tallulah...

...and our very own Casey as the Mouse Detective in The Wiz...

Thanks for the invitations to your shows! I enjoyed seeing you on stage! :)

06 May 2007

05 May 2007

Welcome to the Portage County Cultural Festival!

Special thanks to Anna, Emma, Margie, Ally, Victoria, and Grace for volunteering!
And now, a guest post from Margie!
Hey guys! We're had a great time at the Portage County Culture Fest! Very fun! Then we went to Kjerstie's parents' house for a cookout and icecream from Belt's! Yummy! I'm at the sleepover right now and we're having a lot of fun! Wish everyone was here partying with us!

03 May 2007

Yay Anna!

You looked and sounded great! :)

02 May 2007

Yay Sara! Looking forward to seeing Anna and Casey on stage too!

Today I headed out to Hamilton to see Bugsy on stage there. Sara was great, and I'm looking forward to seeing Anna in Bugsy tomorrow and Casey in The Wiz at Blessed Sacrament. I had intended to post a picture today, and I was so ready with my telephoto lens. However, I had taken the card out of my camera to print pictures and didn't put it back! Ug. Tomorrow. In the meantime, if anyone is looking for a fun little whimsy to make for your momma's for Mother's Day, try this:http://www.shimelle.co.uk/fabric/169/follow-your-wishing-heart for a quick and fun pattern. I just made one for my mom. It's red and the bird is purple. :)