27 February 2007

Are you curious?

Try this video about Expedition Everest...there's actually a really interesting backstory. http://www.disneyeverest.com/

24 February 2007

I have discovered one minor benefit to staying home sick in bed. I've watched countless episodes of "The Office" but not made it through a single episode without falling asleep...but songs are just short enough to hear all of one or two besides drifting off. Today I've been spending time listening to Erin McKeown http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7216685. That and chocolate cherry ice cream. Cheers. I'm off to sleep again. (Big thanks to Karen for bringing me a delightful care package yesterday. I've had a cup or two of that tea, and it really seems to help! Thanks!)

22 February 2007

So much to do...

...why don't I feel better?

21 February 2007

Ew. I am disgusting.

Yes. I am truly a disgusting mess. I am sick and snotty, and home for a rest. I hope I'm better by tomorrow night! We have so much to do!
I am getting very excited about traveling with all of you, and should have a nice packet of things for you on Friday (final details, luggage tags, information, cards, pass cases, etc).
(weather.com says 80 and mostly sunny on the day we arrive!)
PS-we meet by the Pirates Gate at 2:30 on Saturday to go backstage for our 4:00 performance!

18 February 2007

I'm so proud of you all! You are each so amazing, and the performances this past weekend were incredible. Thank you all for working so hard, and I hope that you are proud of your work, as well.

(and yes, Sara. It's a scrapboook page. It goes in my book; let the mocking begin. I'm sure I'll hear it while I'm compulsively photographing our Florida tour to scrapbook it later, as well--LOL!)

14 February 2007

The show opens tomorrow...

are you ready? I'm so excited!

13 February 2007

Who's got a travel journal ready to go?

You know I love office supplies...so I thought I'd share with you my little travel journal kit I've assembled...
Weather should be pretty nice while we're in Florida...around 75 most days, I think. Who else is ready for some sunshine?
Don't forget we've got some intensive rehearsals coming up before we get to leave! :)

11 February 2007

Four more days until we open!

Great dress rehearsal last night...Sorry I was so grumpy. I will be much perkier next time you see me at the theatre, I am sure. Here's a photo gallery of pictures Karen (Kally's mom) took during the dress rehearsal last night. http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?&collid=772931937405&page=1&upload_count=27 I'm having some problems with our blogger website today and can't seem to upload photos directly to the blog...so I'll try again later. :)

01 February 2007

Are you making your trip wishlist yet?

I just sent a package to my sister with a travel journal in it. Have you made yours yet? In the letter I'm writing to your teachers, it says you'll be keeping a travel journal daily, so you'd best have one to keep! :)
In my travel journal, I've made a list of things I want to make sure I get to see and do. Then I put that list in my sister's journal...after all, I'm the big sister! She should do what I pick! (just kidding).
So, on my list is the Swiss Family Treehouse. I'm curious about this one. I've never actually seen this, I don't think. It's in the Magic Kingdom and apparently rarely has a line. It's about a 15 minute event, and looks like a lot of fun.
One of my favorites (not being much of a roller coaster person) is the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It's not as scary as I thought it would be before I had my first turn on it...I'm looking forward to it!
What's on your wish list of things to do? It might be a good idea to start making a list so that you don't miss anything you'd hoped to see! Also, it is just sort of fun to daydream about the great things we'll be heading off to do in only TWENTY NINE DAYS! That's right...four weeks and one day until we take off for the sunshine state.