31 December 2006

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone! It's strange having a week off, even when it is a holiday season and there's lots to do. I find myself thinking about choreography, music, transportation issues, and how we're going to get ourselves ready for our performances in only SEVEN WEEKS! Yikes!
It will be great, and I'm so excited about it all.
Just finished working on some things for our trip, so I'll have a tour handbook available to families and travellers by our meeting in mid-January. Parents, take note: this blog will be updated daily when we are on tour, so check in each evening to find out what we've been up to! Photos, daily updates, and messages from our group will be available for your viewing.
[this illustration includes photos from an Ali Edwards article in CK mag]
I'll be seeing most of you at Ally's house on Tuesday for our DVD viewing and travel journal making adventure. Travel journals are important and are part of the "requirements" of the trip. Come back with something that records your memories and your adventure. I'm providing you with this bookmaking kit, but what you do with it is up to your own artistic vision.
PS: Bring a glue stick and a favorite pen to our Tuesday afternoon meeting!