28 August 2008

Ready for fall.

So, it's always a little lonely around the MadCAP offices and studios when we're not in session. I'm missing you guys! Can't wait for fall to start.
Oh, and neither can Steve. He's tired of me making trouble.

15 August 2008


Thanks Ivy! This is amazing. xo to all!

05 August 2008

18 years ago...

...I used to do more theatre on the stage. And then I discovered rehearsal accompaniment and it was a whole new game.

I did love to be on stage, I still love musical theatre, and I will always enjoy working with other talented folks to create an ephemeral end art product. Looking through old photos I found in the house recently, I came across this gem. What fun it was to be in a cast of other people who loved to sing, and in a group of friends where I could be myself. Too bad it only lasted for about 7 weeks in my school life!

I also remembered how much I enjoy singing & performing Rogers & Hammerstein, Gershwin, Porter, Loesser, and the great composers of the midcentury. I can't wait to get in the depths of performing some of that with all of you this year! Look forward to some staging & ensemble work with older scores as well as the current stuff we are in love with right now!

Hope you are enjoying August!