27 September 2007

Dear Anna in Germany...

It's not the same without you here. Hugs from all of us!


Hope you all are well...I'm looking forward to tonight's rehearsal and all that we will get started on.
Also, I'm getting excited to work on our spring trip, the shows we have planned this year, some community service things, and traveling with all of you in winter.
I haven't heard from you as much as I maybe have in the past...get those ideas to me! If you think of something Paul and I should consider or a great idea for our productions or somethin you want to do with MadCAP, let me know! I love to get e-mails from students. Seriously. It makes my day.
Hope you have a wonderful afternoon, and I will see you all tonight.

05 September 2007

So much happening...so excited....breathe Paul...breathe..

Hello everyone! Paul is doing something today that he has never done; BLOGGING! Here's to trying new things. As most of you probably know, I am working full time this school year wtih MADCAP. I am directing the TYA season as well as at least 2 ensembles (Senior and Intermediate). It is going to be an exciting season, and I cant wait to see you all soon. Auditions for Madeline's Christmas are this Saturday, September 8 at 10am and Monday, September 10 at 7pm at 100 N Hamilton. This a a very charming show, and I am confident our turn-out for audtions will be excellent. Senior Ensemble starts a week from today! Mulan is going to be a giant challenge, and the MADCAP after dark series will be a new exciting opportunity for you. I am also hoping that Emma can squeeze me into the first MADCAP after dark show (I have some ideas). Take care! I will see you all soon. Paul Milisch Producing Director, MADCAP

03 September 2007

Who is excited for fall?

I love back to school time. This may be partly because I don't actually have to go back to school...but I think it's mostly because I look forward to seeing everyone at MadCAP again.
Remember the dog that played the part of "Crabb" in the Shakespeare this past summer? Well, here is a picture of a young me with my childhood dog (which is still at my parents' house...the one that visited MadCAP is a "new" one that I found at SWAP while buying supplies with Joan, and I love him).
I hope you all have wonderful back to school Tuesdays, and I am looking forward to seeing each of you at lessons and Ensemble rehearsals next week.