30 July 2008

Love to be on tour.

Boy, do I love to be on tour. Touring is a blast, and I've been lucky enough to do it with many different performing ensembles throughout my time as a student (high school & college) and a teacher (MadCAP). It's the absolute best way to get to know the people you are travelling with and to form a lasting bond with them. Nothing creates closeness by being forced into a small space for extended periods of time. :)

In any case, I do love to travel with performing groups. I can't wait to start planning our concert stuff for our upcoming trip to Disney! Arrangements for music & travel our top on my priority list for the month of August. Is there anyone available to come in to the office and help out with any of these things?

Hope the summer is treating you all well, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the studios soon!
*Incidentally, that picture is from my 1997 tour to Europe with the Wartburg College Concert Band. Notice the tough looking jacket and very large hair I'm sporting!