07 November 2007

Hi all...some updates

Just wanted to give you the latest update on things I've been working on...

Concert Tour: As some of you know, Paul, Emma, and I have been hard at work arranging our performance tour this spring. Earlier today, Joan was struck with absolute brilliance at a staff meeting...why not perform in Baraboo as a benefit for the Boys & Girls Club of Baraboo which is in danger of closing for lack of funds? I've e-mailed the people heading up that effort, and we've been invited to perform February 2, 2008, so put that on your calendar. We'll be heading up, staying at the Wilderness, doing other fun things, and helping raise money for a great cause at the same time.

Beginning, Junior, Intermediate, and Opera Ensembles are anxious to do the things Senior Ensemble does...and they've got their own blog. Please take the time to head over to http://madcapperformanceensembles.blogspot.com/ and leave some comments for them...they are just starting out their rehearsal season, and many of them admire the close friendships, fine performances, and mutually supportive atmosphere of Senior Ensemble. Let's share the love a little.

Also, we'll be starting to talk about next year a little in the coming months...I have some big ideas, and have a LOT of exciting things in the works (collaborations with other groups, exciting possibilities, and our upcoming Disney Tour fundraising, etc). I love to hear your ideas, so keep them coming.