17 August 2010

Fall Season, Disney Bound~

Hello all Company M members and Fan Club Members!

I'm working on a few things today having to do with our Disney Tour, and that is always super exciting to me.  First of all, I had a sight-singing session with the fantastic Jillian and Miriam yesterday, and we have some great numbers lined up for the fall season.  Boy features (because we have at least FOUR of you talented male performers!!!), girl features, some large group numbers, lots of small solos within company numbers, and a great mix of openers and closers.  Get ready for some tricky harmony work, high energy musical numbers, and some super fun dance stuff.  I think it's going to be great.

Second, thanks to Stephanie (our favorite Overture tech staffer), I can share with you some fun "snapshots" of a day in the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT.  Take a minute or two to preview these videos, because I think you'll enjoy the perspective.

This is a particular type of tilt shift photography that makes everything look like it is in miniature, but actually it's just time lapse photography then animated.  I am fascinated.

In other news, did you check out the previous post wih information about our hotel accommodations & other events planned?  We will still have our evening event to watch the fireworks in EPCOT, and of course will have an amazing performance on Saturday night.  I'm hoping for a Downtown Disney venue, but will hear about that as soon as it is set.

Yesterday I made our arrangements and reservations for the motor coach we'll need to take backstage at Disney, because that transportation is not provided.  Things are coming together!

Early in September we'll have an evening meeting to view the new Disney DVD, answer any questions people may have, and ge o know some of the fan club attending the tour with us.

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