29 April 2010

Who is excited? Disney 2011.

So, yesterday I got an e-mail from our friends at Disney Magic Music Days.  In an amazingly quick turnaround, they've booked us for performance on Saturday, January 29, 2011!  Another Saturday night, and hopefully in Downtown Disney.  We won't know that until later.

I have checked in with the following 2010-2011 schedules:

  • MMSD Our tour falls in the first few weeks of second semester, just after first semester finals and before you get into large projects in the second semester.  It also does not conflict with any published school events.

  • Middleton I didn't see anything on the school district or Middleton High School calendar that would conflict with these dates.
  • Edgewood High School  I didn't see a thing on the calendar, and it's after your first semester finals.

  • Wisconsin School Music Association I called the WSMA office (they do the Solo & Ensemble festivals) to make sure that nothing was scheduled for any of our area school districts over this weekend.  I wouldn't want to keep you from participating in that!

  • Individual programs Over the past few days I've e-mailed the various teachers and organizations that you are involved in to check on next year's schedule.  Unfortunately, non of them have answered me...but I made the effort.  Hopefully, we can successfully avoid any scheduling catastrophes with this advanced planning.

HOWEVER, since I didn't hear back from the individual programs (West Drama, East Drama, Encore! @ East), I'd like you to follow up with these teachers and let them know that I did attempt to contact them to work around conflicts, and that this is when we are going.  If there is trouble, please let me know ASAP so that I can start working on a solution.

Thanks! ~kj

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