21 July 2009

Go, Company M, Go! (from MATT, part 1)

Hey Team Intervention!
Thanks for the chance to jump in on your conversations and cheer you on during your rehearsal process (go Company M!). I hear from Kjerstie that a few things have already come up - so here 'goes.
Why not show the consequence of Sheldon's Confession? I always approach a work with the idea that if the writer hasn't given any clues as to the answer to a question, then the answer can't be that important (in context). To me, it doesn't really matter whether or not Amy reciprocates Sheldon's love - it's not important. It's human interest, I guess, but that's different. What is important is that Sheldon confesses it.
The characters aren't based so much on people we know as they are on archetypes we've come across. I do try to slip my friends' names into the lyric as much as possible, though... John & Jen, Josh Brener is the name of a guy who sang my "Track Song" (from Middle School Madness) - and it just happens to rhyme with tenor..., Lotta (spelled wrong) was the name of a character in a show I was music directing at the time, Michael - that's a whole other thing. Remind me to tell you about the Michael songs - but there was going to be a Michael. etc.
Favorite character? The actors decide who my favorite character will be.
What is Tempo di Les Mis!? Shame, Company M, shame! Tempo di Les Mis is Tempo di I Dreamed a Dream, of course :) Check out the arrangement there - it's pulled straight from Les Mis. Man, when I was in 7th and 8th grade, all you had to play was I Dreamed a Dream and the Piano Man and you were a pianist extraordinaire. In high school you had to add Seasons of Love (which was new) and the other kids figured you were basically pro. Anyway, we all know IDAD is sung too much by too many (even before Susan Boyle), but it still has a warm place in my heart. Plus, in every show I do, I always sneak at least a couple direct quotes subtly into the arrangement, usually just for the musicians' amusement. In different shows I've quoted Andrew Lloyd Weber, Al Jolsen, Kander & Ebb, Sondheim, so on. 1 part homage, 2 parts joke.
Gotta go, but more soon. Work hard, be good, and stay in touch!

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